What score do you need to pass the ged math test?

Take a look at the table below to see that a 580 result still fails the GED exam If you fail a subtest, you can repeat it until you pass all four subtests. You must earn 145 points for each subtest to pass the GED exam. While the high school equivalence score is 145 in each content area, scores 170 or higher in the same GED test reflect a student’s readiness for a student’s college and career, and an honored GED is awarded.

You can take each GED subject test individually or all together.

What is the lowest score for GED?

The GED rating scale is 100-200 points and a score of 100 to 144 points is called an underflow. Overview of GED results A good GED score is at least 145 points per subject, i.e. at least 580 points for the entire test (4 subjects). Scores are divided into four areas, not just pass and fail, with each of these areas representing a range of possible scores. Test takers who can score between 175 and 200 points have the option to take up to 10 college credits or skip the college entrance exam.

Your best scores on each attempt are added together to get your total score and qualify you for your GED credential.

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