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How much does a ged cost?

Your level of preparation and learning habits are the deciding factors in how long it takes to receive your GED. Your level of preparation and

What level of math is on the ged?

The big benefits of high school are that students learn to master difficult topics and can apply for additional credits to offset lower scores. The

Is the ged test easy?

Run a system test to make sure your computer, webcam, and Internet connection meet the requirements for online testing. GED Ready conveniently gives you a

Can you cheat on a math test?

Apart from failing, you can be prosecuted. The best thing about a GED Math test is that you get easy access to cheat sheets that

What are normal ged scores?

If you failed a subject test but did well enough on another test to increase the total to 580, it is still not a passing

What’s another name for ged?

You should include all of these experiences in your resume and list what those events were about and when they happened (the dates). However, you