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What is a good score on ged?

It’s a good idea to review the testing and retake guidelines for your state. Some students use their GED diploma to attend college or university

What is a good score on ged?

To qualify for online GED tests, you must achieve a “green (likely to pass) score on the GED Ready practice test. The 3 different GED

Does ged score matter for college?

Despite the results that reflect college readiness, there is a general feeling that a GED does not represent the depth of learning and academic achievement

Can i get my ged online?

Adults who want to achieve their GEDs in Utah must take and pass the four separate tests of the GED high school equivalence test. The

What is a passing ged score in ky?

An estimated 750,000 adults in Kentucky don’t have a secondary school diploma (high school or GED diploma), nearly twenty percent of all adult Americans don’t

Is a ged as good as a diploma?

Bachelor of Web Design (BWD) programs train students in the creation of online content to increase visibility and information. The American Council on Education has

How does passing the ged work?

Once an overview of the test format has been explained, the classes cover the material that each section of the test contains. I have a