What is a good score on a ged?

Test takers with a score of 165 to 174 points show that they have the knowledge and skills to start courses at the college level. If you failed a subject test but did well enough on another test to increase the total to 580, it is still not a passing score. Test entries that fall below a score must retake each subject of the GED exam that they failed. Argumentation through linguistic art The GED rating scale is 100-200 points, and a score of 100 to 144 points is called undertesting.

This makes it common for GED customers to have to retake tests where they earned less than 410 to improve their GED scores.

What is a good result for a GED?

In 2002, the fourth series of tests was released and used a standard score range of 200 to 800 with a mean of 500 and a standard deviation of 100, and the minimum score requirement for IAFAS was raised to “410 AND 450 for the third time in its history, which means that test takers If you failed a test subject but scored well enough on another to bring the total to 580, that’s still not a passing score. And the IAFAS minimum score requirement was raised — for the third time in their history — to “410 AND 450, which means test takers had to score both 1st GED scores to represent a student’s academic ability compared to their recent high school graduates.

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