What branches of the military can you join with a ged?

While army recruits with baccalaureate or college diplomas only need a score of 31 or more to qualify, recruits in the GED Army must score 50 percent and more to sign up. To be recruited into the Air Force as GED holders, you must complete 15 college units to be placed in the same level as high school diploma recruits. If you have a GED and want to join the military, you need to know that each branch sets its own limits. Even if you meet all other requirements, you will most likely not be accepted with just a GED.

Your test results can be used for the convocation for a period of two years.

How hard is it to join the army with a GED?

The GED Plus Enlistment Program was only available in certain areas with a high concentration of disadvantaged youth, and the number of students was limited. This program, called the Army GED Plus Enlistment Program, had allowed applicants who did not hold a high school diploma or a GED to be sponsored by the army to obtain a GED for recruitment purposes. That’s because the army has a lot of people to choose from these days and can choose the ones with the highest qualifications. Applicants with a high school diploma fall into the Tier 1 category if they are in the 31st percentile or higher in their AFQT (Armed Forces Qualification Test).

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