What are ged levels?

Fortunately, GED graduates can prepare to earn their certificate in just a few months, and the test can also be taken by people past high school age. If these subjects sound familiar, it’s because students encounter them in the classroom every day. Research suggests that the current version of GED tests knowledge at a ninth or tenth grade level. If all tests are performed in one day, the entire GED exam can take over 7.5 hours.

The GED test includes exams on four different topics, including mathematics, argumentation through language art, science, and social studies.

What grade level does the GED correspond to?

People who pass it should have a level of education and skills that are equivalent to those of a high school graduate. The data showed that, on average, passing the GED test did not help people get better on the job market. These states include New York – the first state to offer GED civilians in 1947 – and Iowa, the birthplace of the GED. Smith and other adult education directors say many GED seekers may not be ready to run a computer test.

Heckman, now a silver-haired professor at the University of Chicago, tells the story of learning about the GED in a quick, excited clip.

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