Is the ged hard to pass 2020?

The GED test result is divided into four categories, including under a passed result, a high school equivalent score, a college ready score, and a college ready+college credit. To get a GED, you must score at least 145 points in each of the 4 exams. And you’re allowed to retake the subtests that you failed without taking the subtest you’ve already passed. Regardless of your score for other subtests, only a subtest score is below 145 points. You don’t pass the GED exam.

Although 145 is considered a passing score of the GED test, a college-ready score should be above 165 points.

What is the lowest score for GED?

For example, those who want to go to college afterwards may want to aim for a higher score than those who are just aiming for high school equivalence. You need to pass each subject test individually, so 580 is only good enough if that means you get 145 for each section. So, knowing what a good GED score is, how many GED scores you would get, and what that means, you can pass the GED exam with the score you want. You must score at least 145 points on each test to pass the GED exam. The score for passing the GED is therefore 145 points.

If you failed a subject test but did well enough on another test to increase the total to 580, it is still not a passing score.

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