How do i obtain my ged certificate?

Your initial test results will be sent to you free of charge, but additional copies cost a few dollars each. You enter your date of birth, social security number, and phone number on the day. It typically requires individuals to complete a form and send it online or by mail to the state’s Department of Education or the office that oversees the GED testing program. Earning a General Education Diploma (GED) helps many people fulfill their dreams of better jobs or further education.

Getting a copy of the GED log may seem like a daunting task for some.

How do I get a copy of GED in PA?

Get set off from other sites that aren’t connected to GED and apply for a cell, often fake GED credentials. Allegheny County residents who received their GED Commonwealth Secondary School diploma are eligible for a 3-credit tuition-free course at CCAC within six months of receiving the diploma. Before you seal the envelope to request your copy of GED transcripts, sign the form and include a money order or bank check for the fee. If you’ve taken and passed the GED test in the past and would like to request an official copy of your results, go to the PA DOE GED transcript application form and follow the instructions there.

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