Does ged score matter for college?

Despite the results that reflect college readiness, there is a general feeling that a GED does not represent the depth of learning and academic achievement of a four-year high school education. The score, which ranges from 165 to 174, is known as the “GED College Ready.” If you pass all four subjects of the GED exam, you can get a high school proof of equivalence and a college-eligible score that gives you more opportunities for your future education. Individuals who score in the 165-174 range are considered college eligible.

Although this is the minimum standard, students should try to score even higher to increase their appeal to an admissions office.

Which GED score is good for college?

If your score is 144 or less, you failed this subtest, and regardless of your scores in the other modules, you also failed the GED exam. However, if you’re aiming for higher education, you want a GED score that reflects your desire to go to college. Many schools only accept applicants with GED exam scores of 165 points or more, which is known by the GED testing service as a college-ready score. The maximum achievable score in the four modules is 800, and you need to earn no less than 580 points across the board.

But remember that not all universities and colleges accept or award credits through GED results.

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