Can you go to college without a ged?

Open admission means that almost all high school graduates are admitted as long as they hold a diploma or certificate for general education development (GED). Give admissions staff a reason why you’re declining admission to school after you’ve already accepted and be honest about that reason. If you are at least 18 years old but have not graduated from high school or GED, you can only apply for admission to selected industrial technology certificate programs. Non-graduate applicants should limit their search to local community colleges and vocational schools.

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What are the different types of admission?

Some universities have an option for early action called EA II, which includes a later application period than the regular EA plan. In other words, if you applied in September last year, you could be admitted just as easily as if you were waiting until May of last year. This shows a greater interest in school than a regular early application that allows you to earn points in the admission process. Rolling admission means that a college publishes admission decisions regularly, sometimes daily, rather than sending them all out on a target date.

It’s great for colleges as they get commitments from students early on. Let’s go through this type of admission in a bit more detail.

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