What’s the highest paying job with a ged?

Once you’ve passed all four exams in the GED test, you’ll have earned your GED credential. I’m 16 I have a baby I don’t know if I want to get it all over with and get my bed or finish my junior and senior years of high school, my mom thinks I should make my bed. Your GED diploma, especially if you’ve achieved college-ready results, qualifies you to attend college, including world-class schools like Harvard. Thank you Hi all, I recently dropped out of the two-year IBDP diploma program in which I was only able to graduate for one year, which makes me a 12-degree graduate. My dream is to go to a beauty school somewhere in Canada.

What can a GED be used for?

While a high school diploma is a typical route to college, obtaining a GED does not disqualify you for college entry. The study found that graduate challenges are exacerbating for GED holders who have not spent the teaching time of diploma holders. It was instead of a high school diploma so returning soldiers could apply for a job or enroll in college. The GED is a high school equivalence diploma, so you can use it to apply for college or a resume, just like you would a high school diploma.

There is no doubt that preparing for GED and successfully passing the exam requires stronger organizational skills and more self-discipline.

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