What percentage of people pass the ged test the first time?

The GED testing service has set two college readiness levels for the test, and it is beginning to see that colleges are embracing these limits. Inmates who are serving prison sentences, of which 80 percent are dropouts, are less likely to be offended again if they earn a GED behind bars. I’m planning to take my GED in the next few days and I’ve noticed that there’s a BETA option to get the GED online at home. I had trouble understanding some of the passages at all, like an essay by English author Thomas de Quincey from 1849 on the virtues of a sudden death.

Once again, the diplomas that states award to students who have successfully passed one of the three equivalence exams in high school correspond to a joint baccalaureate.

Is it harder to get your GED than high school?

You can access parchment directly from your GED student account by requesting duplicates via a link on your My Result page. One of the main mistakes that causes the GED to fail is that test takers spend too much time on just one question, so they can’t get through the entire test. It can also be useful to consider your career goals when deciding whether a GED or high school diploma is right for you. It is clear that the GED is not nearly equivalent to a high school diploma in terms of life chances.

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