What is the lowest passing score for ged?

Test takers who score from 165 to 174 in the GED College Ready range are expected to successfully participate in credit-oriented academic college programs. After reviewing, preparing and finally appearing for the test, the next step that is required is to obtain the result. If you scored well in three modules but failed a subtest, you may have 580 points or more, but still failed the GED exam because you scored inadequately in one of the four modules (see table below). ACE calculated this current figure using the averages of this traditional sample student group, so the GED pass line indicates that a knowledge equals or exceeds 60 percent of traditional students.

What is a good result for a GED?

A good GED result is at least 145 points per subject, i.e. at least 580 points for the entire test (4 subjects). You need to pass each subject test individually, so 580 is only good enough if that means you get 145 for each section. If your score is 144 or less, you failed this subtest, and regardless of your scores in the other modules, you also failed the GED exam. But remember that not all universities and colleges accept or award credits through GED results.

Although a score of 145 or better is considered a passing score on the GED, a college-ready score is considered a little over 164.

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