What is the highest paying job with a ged?

If you are already employed, tell your employer that you have passed the GED test and that you would like to pursue a higher position in your company. Military personnel, correctional test takers, and people who took the exam abroad can request a copy via the GED testing service registration form. Your GED protocol can also help you get through the door on a new job or get ahead in your current business. Remember that you don’t need to provide proof of residence to complete the GED in Florida, so you don’t have to worry about that on test day.

What to do after you have passed the GED?

Each state has its own GED testing office, and you need to contact that office, fill out a registration form, and pay a fee. If you’ve passed the four GED subtests and received a copy of your diploma and transcript, you can use your credential for education or career purposes in two ways. That’s why it’s important to study and take GED practice tests, even if you can already rely on your skills. When asked what happens if you pass all 4 GED tests, there are two ways you can use your new diploma.

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