What is the highest ged test score?

Regardless of your score for other subtests, only a subtest score is below 145 points. You don’t pass the GED exam. The maximum score that can be achieved in the test with four subjects of the GED exam is 800 points, of which you must obtain at least 580 points without a test result. This is less than 145 points to pass the GED exam. If you fail a subtest, you can repeat it until you pass all four subtests. You must earn 145 points for each subtest to pass the GED exam.

What is the lowest score for GED?

If you don’t pass all the subject tests the first time, you can retake the tests you didn’t pass without having to retake the tests you passed. Additionally, test takers who score high can save time and money as some colleges and universities convert GED results into loans. You must score 2 out of 6 on the essay test to pass, even if you have a passing score throughout the writing test. The GED rating scale is 100-200 points and a score of 100 to 144 points is called an underflow.

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