What is a passing score on ged?

The GED rating scale is 100-200 points and a score of 100 to 144 points is called an underflow. You can take each GED subject test individually or all together. If you scored well on all three subtests but failed one, you may receive a total of 580 points. However, in this case, you will not pass the GED exam because one of the subtests is not enough for 145 points. The GED test result is divided into four categories, including under a passed result, a high school equivalent score, a college ready score, and a college ready+college credit.

And you’re allowed to retake the subtests that you failed without taking the subtest you’ve already passed.

What is the lowest score for GED?

Students must pass each subject individually. So if you get less than 145 in a module, you won’t pass the test. The maximum score that can be achieved in the test with four subjects of the GED exam is 800 points, of which you must obtain at least 580 points without a test result. This is less than 145 points to pass the GED exam. A student must score at least 145 points in each of the four modules, 580 out of 800 points, to receive the minimum grade. What is a good GED score? The answer to that depends on what you want to achieve with your GED diploma.

If you failed a subject test but did well enough on another test to increase the total to 580, it is still not a passing score.

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