What is a passing ged score in ky?

An estimated 750,000 adults in Kentucky don’t have a secondary school diploma (high school or GED diploma), nearly twenty percent of all adult Americans don’t have a high school diploma, and over a million are added to the legion that finished high school early every year. KYAE regularly reports on GED diploma figures and other educational goals. However, providing additional relevant information would help to understand and address these figures and get the bigger picture of how the state is doing. KYAE has done some innovative marketing — including partnering with social service providers and businesses — but it should step up its efforts in light of recent challenges in obtaining GED credentials. A failed grade is assigned to any test result that falls below 410, and you must take that part of the exam to get your credential.

Is the GED difficult to pass?

The good news is that they’ve lowered the success rate for GED from 150 to 145, which can make it easier for students to pass as long as they prepare for the test efficiently. The GED high school equivalence test contains four separate test sections in science, mathematics, social studies, and language arts (reading and writing combined). Even someone who doesn’t know the bottom times (hi) managed to pass the toughest test, so it’s really nothing that “such tough Ivy League graduates can’t pass,” as I’ve seen on some websites. However, it’s not as difficult as you think, you need to get half the questions to pass the test. This means that you only need to answer 40 to 50% of the questions correctly to get a score.

One of the main mistakes that causes the GED to fail is that test takers spend too much time on just one question, so they can’t get through the entire test.

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