What happens if you fail one part of the ged?

This comprehensive study guide not only covers the main topics of the GED math test, such as variables and line plotting, but also includes questions about practice tests. Internationally, the GED test is becoming increasingly popular as it offers students the opportunity to pursue interests other than school. Giving you enough time before testing to review the material appropriately can help ensure that you are ready to pass your GED exam. American Samoa — In American Samoa, there is a waiting period of 30 days after a test taker fails a GED subtest.

If you fail on your third attempt at a GED exam, you must wait 60 days to take the test again.

What happens if you fail a part of the GED?

In most cases, you can simply repeat the portions you’ve performed poorly on, as long as you haven’t exceeded your state’s annual test retake limit. If test takers fail three times, they must wait 60 days before repeating this section. Although you may be in a hurry to retake the test, it’s often better to wait unless you failed because you were sick, late, or missed a part of the test. If they fail this section three times, there is a 60-day wait before they can take it up again.

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