Is the ged harder than high school?

Combine your GED with a good SAT or ACT score, and you’ll have an excellent chance of attending any school you want. Study GED scores to better understand these factors. Disabled people who want to take the GED test may be entitled to adequate testing arrangements. However, a GED is an exam with four sub-tests that takes about 7 hours, although the four modules can be taken one after the other over a longer period of time.

Possible results for a single test within the GED battery range from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 200.

Hello, I recently dropped out of the two-year IBDP diploma program, in which I was only able to complete one year, which makes me a 12-degree graduate. My dream is to go to a beauty school somewhere in Canada. In other words, they can get jobs, but they don’t necessarily keep them, reducing their overall income to around the same level as early school leavers. I wanted to check if I could go to the Netherlands with my GED (I’m still on it).

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