Is it smart to get a ged?

The reason is that most people who won an Oscar wouldn’t regret trading their high school diplomas for Screen Actors Guild Cards at all. Her experience with the education system was brief, where she studied at Dwight School, an ultra-exclusive institution. They set a good example for young and adult learners and are indeed worthy of emulation. Plus actress Lindsay Lohan appears on several lists of celebrities who have a GED, but there don’t seem to be that many reliable sources.

Earning a GED instead of graduating from high school should not embarrass you.

Can I still be successful with a GED?

I) housing; ii) health insurance; iv) local opportunities for mentors and ongoing support services; and i) education, health, attendance, and court participation; ii) providing the in (this subsection; and iii) safety and prevention of exploitation. At the very least, the plan for successful adulthood is reviewed and updated every month with the youth and placement provider. A) Form 04IL001E is submitted to the CW supervisor for approval within three months before the youth’s 18th birthday. Successful youth development funds in adulthood are not used to reimburse youth, OKDHS employees, or contractors for a purchase made on behalf of youth without the prior approval of OKSA program employees.

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