Is getting your ged worth it?

Whether you’re the first in the family to receive a GED, set an example for your children, or simply live a better life for yourself, GED graduates can be proud of. Letting potential employers know that you recently received your GED shows suitability, determination, and hard work. Passing the GED test is a big achievement. Please beware of websites that try to sell you an online diploma or the GED test through their websites.

Universities usually require applicants to submit copies of their GED transcripts before the admission process.

What happens after you pass all 4 parts of the GED?

A high school equivalence certificate (HSE) corresponds to a high school diploma and is obtained by passing a high school equivalence test. Contact the program administrator for the test program you attended and ask if the class has planned a graduate program in which you can earn your GED diploma Delivered exclusively on a computer that provides a consistent testing experience and improved pass rates nationwide. After passing the GED exam, you will receive an email with secure links to download your electronic certificate or diploma and a transcript.

If you’ve passed the four GED subtests and received a copy of your diploma and transcript, you can use your credential for education or career purposes in two ways.

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