Is a ged good enough for the military?

It goes without saying that your background will be thoroughly checked. The Air Force accepts GED holders for Tier 2 status. In addition to meeting the basic legal and physical requirements that apply to all areas of the military, Navy GED recruits must meet certain educational qualifications. If you already have a GED and are considering joining the military to join the military, you need to know that each branch sets its own limits and standards.

In addition, Tier 2 applicants must earn at least 50 points in the Armed Forces Professional Qualification Battery, spend at least 90 days in a Delayed Entry or DEP program, and complete the DEP Personal Qualification Program before sending to the Recruit Training Command.

Which military branch accepts GED?

Most branches don’t allow level 3 recruits unless under certain circumstances or they make special exceptions. The United States Air Force accepts a lower percentage of Tier 2 recruits, with a normal fiscal year limit of just 1 percent. Level 2 includes individuals with equivalence certificates earned through testing and correspondence or home study programs, while tier 3 individuals do not hold any high school transcripts. As with the other branches of the armed forces, the Coast Guard considers GED holders to Tier 2 candidates.

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