Is a ged as good as a diploma?

Bachelor of Web Design (BWD) programs train students in the creation of online content to increase visibility and information. The American Council on Education has revised the GED test four times and plans future revisions as individual, employment and academic needs evolve. The next major revision of GED took place in 2002 when questions were added and other business-related topics were addressed. In addition to English, GED tests in Canada are available in Spanish and French, in large print, audio, and braille.


social science questions in Canadian versions of GED tests differ from those in the United States.

When did GED become a thing?

The test was revised in 1988 to include an essay section and remained essentially unchanged until January 2002, when a number of revisions came into effect. GED is usually offered in collaboration with a state Department of Education, but the GED Testing Service itself is a joint venture between a private computer-based testing company, Pearson, and a university association, the American Council on Education (ACE). By 1959, more civilians than veterans received the GED test, and in 1963, the VTS changed its name to the General Educational Development Testing Service to reflect this change in the test population.

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