How much does a ged cost?

You can complete the exam up to 60 days before your 18th birthday and at any time thereafter. States that issue high school certificates of equivalence to individuals who pass the GED test all have specific admission requirements. For more information, or to learn more about current requirements, rules, and regulations for GED testing in Texas, contact the state education department at TEE. There are also age requirements for GED in California.

If you’re not enrolled in high school, you can also complete the test as soon as you’re 60 days after you graduate normally.

Can you take the GED when you’re 16?

A GED, the acronym for general equivalence diploma, can be used to apply to colleges and get employment where a high school diploma is the minimum. For more information or to learn all about current rules, regulations, and requirements regarding GED testing in Vermont, go to www. However, to qualify for online testing, test takers must first achieve “green (likely to pass) scores on the GED Ready practice test. GED offers adults who have not yet graduated from high school the opportunity to earn a high school equivalence certificate.

A GED graduate has demonstrated knowledge and knowledge to successfully complete a creditworthy course at university or university level and be successful in the job market.

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