How long will it take me to get my ged?

If a student does not pass a subject examination in three attempts, there is a waiting period of 60 days before they can take the exam again. The four GED subtests are in mathematical thinking, social studies, reasoning through language arts, and science. Completing the GED exam not only increases your income potential, but is also your ticket to universities. If it’s been four business days since your test and you still haven’t received your results, contact the GED support team.

If you’re really serious about earning your HSE diploma, find your nearest GED preparation page or visit a good online GED course.

How long does it take to get my GED?

Be careful — third-party testing and online high school certificates are typically scam and not accredited. Completing your high school education can be the key to a better future, and taking the GED test offers the opportunity to earn a diploma within a few months. For example, you can focus on one subject for three weeks, then take the exam, or study all subjects for about three months and take the entire GED test at once. You’ve studied, completed the entire test, and are about to find out in person how long it takes for a GED to earn money.

When you take the official GED exam online, you will receive an official, accredited GED high school proof of equivalence.

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