How do you graduate with a ged?

Passing the GED test is a big achievement. Make a plan to achieve these goals step by step. Letting potential employers know that you recently received your GED shows suitability, determination, and hard work. If you’re not satisfied with your GED results, you can always take the entire exam or subject exams for which you want to improve your scores, even if you already have the GED diploma.

Here’s a full explanation of how it works and what you need to do step by step to get into college after receiving your GED credential. You can reach out to former teachers or school counselors and share your GED experience and results with them.

Can a GED get you to college?

The GED testing service states that over 60% of the youngest GED recipients are currently enrolled in college, and over 97% of all colleges and employers accept a GED. Your GED puts you in a community college that is a great stepping stone to further academic achievement. Virtually all colleges and universities accept students with a GED diploma or certificate (depending on your state). With a GED, you’re still eligible for federal financial assistance such as grants and loans, and there are a ton of scholarships you can apply for.

For example, in some two-year schools, students can enroll in college and take university credit courses, but they don’t award them a degree until they’ve taken and passed the GED exams.

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