How do i get my ged age waiver in california?

Utah, Georgia, and Arkansas require anyone who is 16 or 17 years old to participate in a GED preparation program through an adult education center before taking the actual GED test. As a result, age waivers are required for the GED testing program in most states for applicants aged 16 and 17. People who are at least 16 years old and have not completed a regular school program for a calendar year can be tested. The minimum age to take a high school equivalence test in Michigan is 18 years old.


procedures for applying for accommodation are described in Accommodation for the disabled.

What is an age waiver?

Most states that require underage candidates to complete certain age waiver and payout forms have provided links to pages where these forms can be downloaded and printed. You must request a hearing with Driver Control after all documents have been collected and the age-restricted application has been completed. Once you’ve met the school district requirements, the school district employee is responsible for sending the age restriction to the GED testing office in Florida for processing. Underage GED candidates aged 16-18 typically need to submit several types of documents before they are allowed to take the GED test.

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