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Is the ged easier than high school?

In these cases, early school leavers can use GED to complete their secondary education. Also, be sure to check the requirements in your state. More

Which test is easier ged or hiset?

You’ll learn exactly what you need to pass math without wasting time. Science has the highest success rate and is therefore the easiest for most

Is the hiset harder than the ged?

According to the American Council on Education, among the many benefits of the GED program, passing the GED test provides an opportunity for adults to

What does an official ged look like?

Unfortunately, there are diploma factories that try to use those who want their GED certificate and only provide fake tests and certificates. Your alma mater

How do i know if my ged is real?

Learn everything you need to know about the GED essay, its structure example, topics, tips and how it is scored in this post. Creating your