Can you take your ged test online at home?

If you need test accommodation, you can request one before planning your test. GED test takers cannot already hold a high school diploma or be enrolled in another educational program. Students can plan their GED test at numerous test centers across the United States throughout the year. Please don’t try to buy GED documents over the Internet as employers and schools can easily verify that your GED diploma is genuine.

The GED exam is also available to test takers with hearing or vision impairments, and specific arrangements can be made for students who have emotional or mental illness, ADHD, chronic health disabilities, or any other medical condition that may impact their ability to exam under normal conditions.

How do I book a GED test?

If a student fails a subject of the GED test, it is possible to take it again without waiting. Plan your GED test Get access to a complete collection of questions and answers about concepts you need to pass. With the online supervised GED test, students can take the GED test from home while they are securely monitored by an online examiner. You must take a GED-ready practice test and achieve a “green” score for each subject you want to test in online within the last 60 days.

To take the GED test in the state of Alaska, you cannot be enrolled in high school, have obtained a high school equivalence certificate in another state, and must be at least 18 years old.

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