Can you take the ged test online in utah?

In the past, students who wanted to earn a GED diploma had to register at an official GED testing center in Utah and take the exam in person, but that has changed. I was supposed to be in 12th grade, but I miss 2.5 credits for graduation. Can you please let me know that I can complete my diploma by September when I take GED courses and tests so I can apply for my college September. The GED diploma is very helpful in improving job opportunities and gives a student the opportunity to participate in credit-oriented courses offered by colleges or universities. In Utah, students who wish to earn their high school equivalence diploma can take the GED test online or in person at one of Utah’s official GED testing centers.

How long does it take to receive your GED certificate?

Free traditional GED preparation courses are available (often free of charge) at adult education community centers, libraries, community colleges, or churches. This website provides you with additional free online math, English language, science and social studies preparation programs for passing the GED exam. So when you choose a GED prep course, find a school near you and check availability so you can show up at an official test center fully prepared and work towards a fulfilling career. If a student fails a subject of the GED test, it is possible to take it again without waiting.

The four GED subtests are in mathematical thinking, social studies, reasoning through language arts, and science.

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