Can you join any branch of the military without a ged?

Because some industries are stricter about education backgrounds than others, it’s best to talk to a recruiter to learn more about your potential. Participants are accepted into a 3-stage system. Like the other military branches mentioned so far, you’ll need a high school diploma, GED, or 15 college credit hours to become a Navy recruit. Marine Corps, you can also enroll at your local community college and earn 15 credits or more.

The Army and Navy both welcome individuals who hold a high school equivalence diploma, and the Marine Corps accepts applicants with a high school equivalence record but evaluates each individual case.

Can you join a branch of the military without a GED?

Ninety percent of recruited marines must hold diplomas. However, the Marines don’t accept more than 5 percent of recruits without one. There are many specific medical conditions that can prevent you from enrolling in the US Army. However, if you have a GED and have accumulated 15 or more semester hours in higher education courses, you can reach Level 1 status. Talk to your local Army, Navy, or Marine Corps recruiter to learn how to file an application once you’ve earned your high school equivalence diploma.

Under federal law, the oldest recruit a military branch can recruit is 42, although each service within that border has its own set of policies.

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