Can i get my ged online?

For example, you can focus on one subject for three weeks, then take the exam, or study all subjects for about three months and take the entire GED test at once. There is no state residency requirement in Florida, and GED testers also don’t need to attend a preparation course or take a practice test first. If you have a disability, you can apply for disability-friendly accommodation on the “Accommodation” page of the GED test. GED Test ___ Florida State College at Jacksonville 4501 Capper Road, Building; E, Room 223 Jacksonville, FL 32218 904-713-6014.

Is it easy to get a GED?

Use the targeted GED lessons we’ve developed to learn the material and reinforce your weak points. We recommend that you take the GED Ready practice test before any actual test, as it is a good indicator of how you will perform on the test. For example, to pass the math component, a student only needs to answer 22 out of 56 questions correctly. Completing a GED takes less time than high school, but doesn’t mean it’s easier to complete a GED.

The GED Testing Service, the national organization that designs and manages GED, has made it remarkably easy to pass, and about 60 percent of the approximately 833,000 students who take it annually do so.

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