Can i be successful with a ged?

Many employers consider GED to be equivalent to a baccalaureate, and most job opportunities require you to have at least one of the two. You evaluate properties and set values. A baccalaureate or GED is required for most available job openings. So if you want your options to be maximized, consider getting a GED. They look at things like the location and value of similar properties.

Your reports are used for sales, mortgages, purchases, or investments and loans.

What is the best job you can get with a GED?

Maybe not the most glamorous of all jobs, but janitors are always in demand, don’t need formal training and can have the opportunity to earn real money. If you’re feeling stressed about your job search, try these five tips to keep your cool while looking for a job. Postmen and postal services offer job security, an above-average salary and an impressive federal service package. There are no educational requirements, but employers who fill full-time positions often prefer applicants with high school certificates.

The job market for taxi or Uber drivers and delivery truck drivers looks particularly promising as more and more people depend on ride-sharing and home delivery services.

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